Database Optimization and Consolidation

Keep your critical business applications running smoothly by optimizing your databases through our proprietary DOC (Database Optimization and Consolidation) service. Through the use of our DOC service, we prevent your users and customers from feeling the pain of a database in need of attention. Many organizations don’t have the skills necessary to architect and manage a complex database footprint. Benefit from a team of database architects and engineers that have right-sized and optimized thousands of databases. Additionally, Meridian will create a roadmap that will enable your applications to run efficiently to support your organization today and tomorrow.

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Slowing Down Critical Business Applications

Poor database performance can cause critical business applications to lag, resulting in slow processing times and a terrible user experience. Consolidating and optimizing your database environment will simplify your infrastructure and lower license costs.


Subjecting Your Company to Unnecessary Risks

Security threats are more prevalent than ever, and the bigger your database footprint, the bigger your chance of an attack is. Consolidating your databases reduces your points of access, ultimately minimizing the risk of business disruption.


Overpaying for Database Licenses

Database licenses are expensive and our clients find that they are overpaying for a database footprint they no longer need. Consolidate your database environments to lower your operating costs and allocate that capital toward revenue-generating projects.

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