Unraveling the Mysteries of Contact Center Solutions: Navigating CCaaS an On-Premises Options

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In today's rapidly changing customer service landscape, the decision on the optimal contact center solution is critical for companies aiming to deliver efficient and trouble-free support. There are two main contenders in the arena: Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and on-premises solutions. Grasping the differences between these can guide organizations toward choices that best fit their needs and strategic visions.

Exploring CCaaS

CCaaS known as Contact Center as a Service, is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive set of contact center functions maintained by an external provider. This model banks on the cloud's adaptability, enabling firms to scale operationally without hefty investments in physical infrastructures. Prominent features typically include omnichannel support, CRM system integrations, and enhanced analytics.

Understanding On-Premises Solutions

An on-premises contact center solution situates both the hardware and software within the company's physical premises. This conventional approach demands significant initial investment in servers and networking gear alongside responsibility for continuous upkeep, updates, and scalability measures.

Delineating Key Variances

Deployment and Maintenance:

A successful UC and CRM integration requires strategic planning and execution. Here are pivotal strategies to ensure efficacy.

  • CCaaS: Quick and simple deployment as maintenance is the provider's duty. Updates are automatic, lessening the load on IT departments.
  • On-Premises: Involves a hefty IT effort for setup which can be intricate and drawn-out. The organizations bear the responsibility for maintenance and upgrades.


  • CCaaS: Easily scales to match service demand fluctuations without substantial advance notice or investment
  • On-Premises: Scaling requires extra procurements and setups, which may be time-consuming.

  • CCaaS: Follows a subscription model leading to foreseeable operational expenses with minimal upfront costs. Typically, and OpEx expense.
  • On-Premises: Demands high initial outlays, with maintenance and updates potentially elevating costs over time. Typically, a CapEX expense.

Flexibility and Integration:

  • CCaaS: Introduces enhanced flexibility, smoothly integrating with other cloud solutions, and supports remote workforces effectively.
  • On-Premises: Might necessitate bespoke development for integration, with remote working capabilities hinging on internal setups.

Security and Compliance:

  • CCaaS: Usually features stringent security and compliance standards, though companies must verify alignment with their particular regulations.
  • On-Premises: Offers more direct control over security and compliance but demands conscientious in-house management.

Making the Right Choice

Your decision between CCaaS and on-premises hinges on multiple factors like company size, budget, IT infrastructure, and specific requirements.

  • For SMBs: The lower initial costs, scalability, and lessened IT dependency make CCaaS a favorable option.
  • For Enterprises: Those with substantial infrastructure and IT resources might prefer on-premises solutions for their customization and control advantages. However, the appeal of CCaaS's scalability and integration features is promoting a shift even in this group.


The choice between CCaaS and on-premises contact center solutions is crucial, involving multifaceted considerations. CCaaS presents a modern, scalable, and cost-effective model suitable for various businesses. On-premises solutions, meanwhile, offer more control and might suit organizations with particular security or regulatory prerequisites. Understanding these mode;'s underlying differences enables businesses to select a solution that aligns closely with their strategic goals and operational needs.

Ready to Transform Your Contact Center?

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Kristy Sholett

Leader of mCollab, Center of Excellence at Meridian IT, Kristy brings 18 years of experience dedicated to IT. mCollab is a managed service offering to move to the cloud with Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) or Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). The CoE is focused on helping clients lower their costs while adding enhanced functionality and enabling a remote workforce.