Commvault vs Veritas: Choosing the Right Data Protection Solution

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Before diving into the comparison, let's briefly introduce Commvault and Veritas.

Commvault: Commvault is a global leader in data management solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to protect, manage, and optimize data across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. With its unified approach to data management, Commvault empowers organizations to simplify operations, reduce costs, and ensure data resilience.

Veritas: A long-standing player in the data protection space, Veritas is renowned for its reliable backup, recovery, and archiving solutions. Focusing on data visibility, control, and compliance, Veritas helps organizations effectively manage their data lifecycle and address evolving business needs.

Comparing Data Protection and Backup Solutions:

Let's explore the data protection and backup features provided by Commvault and Veritas:

  1. Comprehensive Data Protection: Both Commvault and Veritas offer comprehensive data protection solutions that encompass backup, recovery, replication, and disaster recovery capabilities. However, Commvault's holistic approach to data management provides a unified platform for protecting and managing data across all endpoints, applications, and storage platforms, offering greater flexibility and control.

  2. Scalability and Performance: When it comes to scalability and performance, Commvault outshines Veritas with its ability to scale seamlessly to meet the evolving needs of organizations of all sizes. Commvault's distributed architecture and advanced deduplication technology ensure optimal performance and efficiency, even in large-scale environments with petabytes of data.

  3. Data Recovery and Availability: Commvault and Veritas offer robust data recovery and availability features, including granular recovery options, instant VM recovery, and application-level restores. However, Commvault's advanced recovery capabilities, such as Live Sync for continuous data replication and instant access to cloud backups, provide organizations with greater flexibility and agility in recovering from data loss or downtime.

  4. Cloud Integration and Hybrid Environments: In today's hybrid and multi-cloud world, seamless integration with cloud platforms is essential for data protection and backup solutions. Commvault excels in this regard, offering native integration with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Veritas also offers cloud integration capabilities but may not provide the same level of flexibility and breadth of supported platforms as Commvault.

  5. Security and Compliance: With the increasing emphasis on data security and regulatory compliance, organizations require data protection solutions that offer robust security features and compliance capabilities. Commvault's built-in encryption, role-based access controls, and compliance reporting tools help organizations ensure data privacy and meet regulatory requirements effectively. While Veritas also provides security and compliance features, Commvault's comprehensive approach to data security may offer greater peace of mind for organizations handling sensitive or regulated data.

Both Commvault and Veritas offer powerful data protection and backup solutions designed to help organizations safeguard their valuable data assets. However, when it comes to scalability, performance, cloud integration, and security, Commvault emerges as the preferred choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive and future-ready data management solution. With its unified platform, advanced features, and proven track record of success, Commvault empowers organizations to protect and optimize their data with confidence, ensuring business continuity and resilience in today's digital age.

Getting Started with Commvault & Meridian IT

Let's be honest. Finding a backup solution is easy, but finding one that goes beyond the ordinary is rare. Meridian’s mProtect solution features a simplified monthly consumption model that combines Commvault's cutting-edge software, Meridian's expert-managed services, and optional hardware for a complete, comprehensive data backup solution. With our unique pricing model, you only pay for the licenses you need when needed, ensuring simplified and predictable pricing without worrying about data growth resulting in spending growth. Furthermore, our flexible consumption options include a 100% OpEx model with no upfront costs and customized contract terms, making it easy for enterprise clients to tailor the solution to their specific needs, whether they operate in the cloud or traditional data centers.

With mProtect, our partnership with Commvault, coupled with our substantial investment in the platform, enables us to deliver business outcomes that set us apart in the market. With over 9,000 physical servers, 27,000 VMs protected, and a remarkable 99.8% customer retention rate, we've proven time and again that mProtect is not just a backup solution—it's a commitment to excellence and innovation in data protection. Join us in revolutionizing how businesses safeguard their data and experience the unmatched benefits of mProtect.



Greg Jehs

Greg Jehs is the Vice President of the mProtect Center of Excellence. mProtect is a managed service offering focusing on the protection, migration, and management of data in on-premises, public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. The CoE is focused on helping clients lower their costs while increasing their business-outcome-focused adoption of information technology. Greg has over 20 years of dedicated IT experience. Upon graduating from Barry University, he spent over 2 years as a Systems Architect at R&D Systems Group Inc. before moving to Meridian IT.