No More IT Problems

There is a new breed of IT leader: a leader who says NO MORE to the status quo.

Leaders like you need a partner that designs technology solutions and platforms that enable you to dominate your industry. Leaders like you need a partner that can transform the technology tools and resources you already have into undeniable business value.

Leaders like you choose Meridian.

Solve My Problems Now

Commvault MSP

Are you tired of overpaying for your Commvault maintenance? What more could you accomplish if your team wasn’t wasting time on managing your Commvault environment?  Is your Commvault disaster recovery plan in place and ready to be launched at a moment’s notice?

It’s time to say NO MORE to pouring money down the drain. Leverage Meridian’s exclusive Commvault MSP pay-as-you-go licensing to save 50%.

IBM Power Cloud

Are you struggling to find talented people to manage your existing IBM Power Systems? Not prepared for a cloud transition but need to find a solution? Are you tired of dealing with iSeries disaster recovery? 

It’s time to say NO MORE to driving yourself crazy trying to find the right solution. Meridian’s IBM Power Solutions guarantee your platform is managed, secure, and scalable so you can build toward the future.

Maintenance, Asset, Contract Optimization (MACO)

Are you frustrated with managing multiple IBM contracts, hundreds of assets, and maintenance agreements that terminate at different periods? Are you tired of throwing money away and paying for assets you no longer use? Are lapses in your coverage resulting in support denials and reinstatement charges?

It’s time to say NO MORE to overpaying for your hardware, software, and maintenance agreements. Rip out hundreds of thousands of dollars and take control with MACO by Meridian.

Database Optimization and Consolidation (DOC)

Are your critical business applications struggling because of poor database performance? Has the lack of timely information created problems for your company? Are you tired of writing big checks for your database environment?

It’s time to say NO MORE to overpaying for a database footprint you no longer need.  Leverage Meridian to minimize your IT footprint and architect a path for your future.

About Meridian

Meridian is a services company that helps you consume technology the way you want for today and for tomorrow. With over 160 OEM partners and hundreds of services professionals throughout the world, we help you select and implement the solutions you want and provide the expertise on the solutions you need.

Expect more from your technology partner.

Why Meridian

It’s time to say NO MORE to the stress of having to decide between maintaining for today or investing in tomorrow with Meridian. Our team of brilliant humans work side by side with you to select, implement, and manage technology solutions so you can dominate your industry.

Say NO MORE to the status quo and question the “value” in value-added reseller.