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Ready to modernize and manage your cloud storage environment without destroying your budget?

NetApp Storage Solutions

Not prepared to migrate your storage to the cloud or unsatisfied with your current storage environment? Don’t want to deal with individually choosing and purchasing the correct configuration to meet your storage needs? Are you sure your current storage environment is optimized for maximum performance?

It’s time to say NO MORE to driving yourself crazy trying to find the right solution. Meridian’s NetApp experts will help you determine if an express bundle pack can meet your storage needs quicker and for less cost. Meridian will review your current environment and architect a roadmap to optimize your investment to minimize operating expenses.

‘No More’ Half-Baked Storage Strategies

High performance and cost-effective without the complexity

‘No More’ Taking Weeks to Respond to Business Demands

100+ smart configurations that are packaged for rapid and cost-efficient deployment

'No More' Slowing Down the Business

Scale your environment so you don’t put your company at risk

The best storage engineers from the NetApp A-Team. Flexibility to scale as your needs change. World class support. 



“I have the peace of mind that I can pick up the phone and call Meridian and they are going to have the expert to help us get to where we are trying to go.”

Jared Hotop

Vice President of IT, Buchheit

Jared Hotop
Jared Hotop