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Can you afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on unmanaged assets?

Maintenance, Asset, and Contract Optimization (MACO)

Are you frustrated with managing multiple IBM contracts, hundreds of assets, and maintenance agreements that terminate at different periods?  Are you tired of throwing money away and paying for assets you no longer use? Are lapses in coverage resulting in support denials and reinstatement charges?

It’s time to say NO MORE to overpaying for your hardware, software, and maintenance agreements. Rip out hundreds of thousands of dollars and take control with MACO by Meridian.

‘No More’ Pouring Money Down the Drain

Hundreds of thousands in savings

‘No More’ Unexpected Price Increases

Ongoing IBM contract management and maintenance for full visibility

‘No More’ Unsupported Assets

100% confidence you’ll only pay for what you use

Hundreds of thousands in savings. Simplified contract management. More time to focus on the projects that matter. 

What’s holding YOU back?


“One of the ways that Meridian IT was able to really help us out financially was by walking us through our maintenance contract, taking a look at things line by line.”

Paul Slager

Vice President of Technology, Envista Forensics

Paul Slager
Paul Slager