Maintenance, Asset, and Contract Optimization

Lower your IT operational expense by gaining full visibility and control of your assets through a process we call MACO (Maintenance, Asset, and Contract Optimization). Enhance and right-size your asset footprint by identifying which IBM iSeries assets are being used, optimizing your coverage, and decreasing your IBM maintenance expense.

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Wasting Money

Over 90% of our clients didn’t know what their environment consisted of before we looked. That means you are likely paying maintenance on unused hardware and software you forgot you had. By gaining visibility and eliminating decommissioned products from your environment, you will save money that you could invest in innovation or other revenue-generating projects.


Worrying About Unprotected Assets

Lack of awareness about your coverage can result in unprotected and non-compliant assets. Ensure you have the appropriate agreements in place so you have confidence your assets are supported when you need the help.


Headaches from Managing Contracts

Keeping track of assets and their related expenses across multiple contracts can be a complicated and frustrating process. Consolidate your assets and coverage onto a single and easy to manage contract. By taking advantage of a multi-year agreement as opposed to paying annually, you will experience savings that will make you look like the hero you are.

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