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Can you afford to overpay for your Commvault environment by up to 50%? 

Commvault MSP

Are you tired of overpaying for your Commvault maintenance?  What more could you accomplish if your team wasn’t wasting time on managing your Commvault environment?  Is your Commvault disaster recovery plan in place and ready to be launched at a moment’s notice?

It’s time to say NO MORE to pouring money down the drain. Leverage Meridian’s exclusive Commvault MSP pay-as-you-go licensing to save 50%.

‘No More’ Wasted Time on Commvault Support

Up to 90% support time eliminated

‘No More’ Pouring Money Down the Drain

Up to 50% reduction in Commvault licensing costs

‘No More’ Excessive Downtime

100% confidence that your solution is designed properly

Full confidence in your backups. Lower licensing costs. More time to focus on projects that matter.

What’s holding YOU back?



“With Meridian, we found that support is of a higher standard than going direct with Commvault. We are able to resolve issues a lot quicker by having a partnership with someone that understands our environment. ”

Paul Slager

Vice President of Technology, Envista Forensics

Paul Slager
Paul Slager