Meridian IT Sales Terms & Conditions

Client will be responsible for and shall pay all applicable taxes, fees, restocking fees, freight, levies, imports, duties, withholdings or other charges (including any interest and penalties thereon), if any, imposed by any authorities by reason of the sale and delivery herein provided for. A charge of 1.5% per month (or the rate otherwise permitted by law, whichever is lower) on the unpaid balance for any late payment will be due.

Any amounts paid by credit card will be charged a six percent (6%) convenience fee.

  • Overview

  • Lease

  • Fees and Taxes

  • Title; Risk of Loss

  • Warranty/Limitation of Liability

  • Security Interest

  • Notices

  • Non-Waiver

  • Governing Law

  • Import/Export Control

  • Costs and Expenses

  • Effect of Purchase Order and the Like