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Stressing Over Architecting, Securing, and Managing your IBM Power Servers

Struggling to Find Talented IBM iSeries Administrators

Infrastructure Limitations

Whether your infrastructure is built with on-prem hardware, the cloud, or a hybrid approach, Meridian provides a full suite of IBM Power Systems solutions that will lower your costs and deliver confidence that your IBM iSeries is secure and meets your business needs while operating at peak performance.

Ensure Your IBM Power Systems are Managed, Optimized, and Scalable

Take control of your IBM Power Systems and rest easy knowing they are optimized and configured based on IBM-defined best practices with Meridian's complimentary health check assessment. Learn more about how Meridian is uniquely positioned to review and assess your environment to ensure your systems are running optimally.

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IBM Power Systems Solutions
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By moving to the Meridian Cloud, we’ve not only reduced our internal cost but increased our service level to our customers so it’s a win-win for both ourselves and our customer base.

Chris Anderson

General Manager, Logistics Division